Can I use Grade 8 bolts for head bolts?

One more comment in answer to the original question: do NOT just go down to the hardware store and pick up some grade 8 bolts thinking they will work for head bolts. Head bolts are machined with a shoulder on the shank to fit tightly with the bolt hole, whereas hardware store bolts don’t have this as a rule.

What grade is a cylinder head bolt?

Bolt Head Grade/Strength Identifiers

US (English) Bolts
Grade 2 – Low or medium carbon steel 1/4″ – 3/4″ 74,000
3-4″ – 1-1/2″ 60,000
Grade 5 – Medium carbon steel, quenched and tempered 1/4″ – 1″ 120,000
1″ – 1-1/2″ 105,000

What type of steel are head bolts made of?

Carbon steel is the most common type of steel used in fastener production. Grades 2, 5, and 8 are typically the standard for carbon-steel based screws and bolts, with alloyed carbon steel being a higher-end variation on these metals.

What do you use on head bolts?

Loctite Headbolt & Water Jacket Sealant is a single-component anaerobic hybrid that lubricates fasteners during assembly, as well as seals the gaps between the threads.

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Should I put anything on head bolts?

So anything that reduces thread friction also reduces the amount of torque that’s required on the fastener. Or put another way, anything that reduces friction also multiplies the clamping load exerted by the head bolt at a given torque reading.

Are Grade 8 bolts the strongest?

Commercial-grade 8 bolts are the strongest option available. They’re made from medium carbon alloy steel and have markings that include six raised dashes. The psi of the bolt is 150,000, meaning that it can withstand great deals of pressure because of the way it was quenched and tempered.

What is meant by 8.8 grade bolt?

In the case of a 8.8 grade bolt the first figure signifies that the Tensile Strength is at least 800MPa. The second figure signifies that the fastener will begin to yield at 80% of the Ultimate Tensile Strength, i.e. at least 640MPa.

Will Grade 8 bolts rust?

Grade 8 Steel Bolts

Grade 8 bolts have 6 evenly spaced radial lines on the head.” Unlike stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion, steel, however reinforced, will oxidize over time and rust. Grade 8 bolts that are not galvanized or plated with yellow zinc, however, are cheaper.

How strong is a Grade 8 bolt?

The nominal size of the grade 8 bolts can be from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″. The minimum yield strength of this grade bolt is 130,000 psi. A maximum of 120,000 psi of tensile force (proof load) can be applied to grade 8 bolts.

Are Grade 8 bolts stronger than stainless steel bolts?

The Nut and Bolt Solution Series

A common question is whether stainless steel is stronger that a grade 5 or grade 8 bolt. … Bolt strength is rated in PSI (pounds per square inch). A stainless steel bolt has the same PSI rating as a grade 5 bolt (125,000 PSI). A grade 8 bolt has a stronger rating with a PSI of 150,000.

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Should I use threadlocker on head bolts?

thread locker is useless in the head bolts, its gets too hot for it work properly, heat breaks down and makes it un lock.

Should I use Loctite on head bolts?

Do NOT use Loctite on the nuts for the head studs or main studs. Always ensure that the threads are clean prior to applying any lube. When using Loctite, make sure you assemble the parts before the Loctite cures. You can use Loctite instead of ARP Ultra-Torque, but do not use them together.

Should I use anti seize on head bolts?

There is one time you should always use anti-seize when torquing cylinder head bolts: when it’s a diesel engine. As a rule, you need to chase both the male and female threads and use anti-seize on diesel engines.

Do you lube TTY head bolts?

* TTY bolts are usually installed dry. Do not apply any oil, grease, assembly lube or sealer on the bolt threads. The reason why is because lubricants reduce friction when a bolt is tightened. … * On many aluminum cylinder heads, hardened steel washers are required under the head bolts.

Do head bolts need washers?

Without washers, you won’t get the correct bolt tension. That is because some of the torque that you apply just goes into galling the head, rather than tensioning the bolt. Without sufficient bolt tension, your gasket will blow out. That could be where your oil went.