Can I reuse banjo bolt washers?

They should not be reused. Aluminum washers are soft too.

Are banjo bolt washers reusable?

Can you reuse banjo bolt washers? You can reuse the old ones in a pinch just check them for weepage a when its done and a couple of day later. If you do have one that weeps just tighten it very lightly and move the fitting a few times back and forth then tighten to spec.

Can you reuse banjo fitting?

Banjo bolts are normally reusable, however, the washers on either side of the hose fitting should be replaced .

Do banjo bolts need to be replaced?

If the banjo bolt is identified as the Original Supplied LiquidSpring Banjo Bolt, the banjo bolt and crush washers must be replaced with the Replacement Banjo Bolt and new crush washers. Follow instructions outlined below for replacement. … bolts, and four crush washers included in kit, P/N 11393.

Can copper washers be reused?

Copper crush washers really shouldn’t be re-used. To seal effectively the copper must be soft, as it is in an annealed state. … There is a decent chance a used, crushed, aged copper washer might seal again, but the only way to be sure is to try.

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Can you reuse Shimano banjo?

You can. Unless they are installed wrong they are just slightly compressed, not crushed. I lost the number of times I reused them until I crushed one by mistake.

Can you reuse brake hose washers?

Re: Replace Brake Hose Washers or reuse old? Nothing wrong with reusing the old washer. You can annealed it too before use. Means you heat it up with a torch and drop it in water – makes the copper softer and more willing to seal.

How many washers does a banjo bolt?

The banjo bolt is designed to have two washers—one on each side of the fitting. One of the washers is situated under the banjo bolt head, while the other bolt washer is located between the caliper and the brake line.

What is a copper crush washer?

Metal Sealing Washers

Also known as crush washers, these compress when tightened to form a tighter, more durable seal than rubber washers. … Copper washers are corrosion resistant in wet environments, nonmagnetic, and electrically conductive.

Why is it called a banjo bolt?

A banjo fitting or internally relieved bolt comprises a perforated hollow bolt and spherical union for fluid transfer. … The name stems from the shape of the fitting, having a large circular section connected to a thinner pipe, generally similar to the shape of a banjo.

Can you cut a banjo bolt?

The way i always used to shorten bolts was to screw a nut on before cutting. Cut it down with ahacksaw trying to be as precise as possible. Then unscrew the nut and it will re-cut the mangled thread at the end of the bolt. a grinder will shave it down nice and flat quite easily.

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What are banjo washers?

A banjo fitting is a specialized compressed washer consisting of a hollow perforated banjo bolt and a spherical fluid transfer union to transfer fluid. They are typically used in high-pressure fluid systems such as the clutch and brake systems in the automotive industry.

Can you reuse brake line fittings?

Reuse or Replace the Fittings? If you’re working with a brake line kit you have the option of reusing fittings from the lines you’ve just removed. As a general rule, don’t.