Best answer: Which of the following equation is correct for bolt subjected to combined shear and tension?

Explanation: Bolt required to satisfy both shear and tension at the same time should satisfy (Vsb/Vdb)2 + (Tsb/Tdb)2 ≤ 1 , where Vsb= factored shear force, Vdb = design shear capacity, Tsb = factored tensile force, Tdb= design tensile capacity.

How do you calculate the shear strength of a bolt?

The shear strength of all bolts = shear strength of one bolt x number of bolts • The bearing strength of the connecting / connected plates can be calculated using equations given by AISC specifications. The tension strength of the connecting / connected plates can be calculated as discussed earlier in Chapter 2.

Which of the following is correct for which of the bolt and gauge?

Which of the following is correct for pitch of the bolts and gauge? Explanation: Pitch is centre to centre spacing of bolts in a row, measured along direction of load. Gauge is the distance between two consecutive bolts of adjacent row measured at right angles to the direction of load. 6.

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How is bolt strength calculated?

The tensile load a fastener can withstand is determined by the formula P = St x As. To find the tensile strength of a particular bolt, you will need to refer to Mechanical Properties of Externally Threaded Fasteners chart in the Fastenal Technical Reference Guide.

What is the shear strength of a bolt?

The shear strength of a bolt is a measurement of the minimum amount of force needed to break the bolt into two pieces. The shear strength of a metal bolt is approximately 0.6 times its tensile strength. A bolt commonly shears where its head meets the threads.

How do you calculate shear strength of a material?

Shear strength can be measured by a torsion test where it is equal to their torsional strength. When values measured from physical samples are desired, a number of testing standards are available, covering different material categories and testing conditions.

How do you calculate bolt clamp force?

Bolt Clamping Force (lbs.) Notes: 1. Tightening torque values are calculated from the formula T = KDP, where T = tightening torque, lb-in.; K = torque-friction coefficient; D = nominal bolt diameter, in.; and P = bolt clamping load developed by tightening.

What is the formula for net shear area of bolt at threads?

nn = number of shear planes through threads = 1 for each bolt. = 0.78 π__ 4 d2 for ISO bolts. Ash = shank area of the bolt = π__ 4 d2. where γmf = 1.10, if slip resistance is designed at service load = 1.25, if the slip resistance is designed at ultimate load.

What is net cross sectional area of 20mm bolt?

5. What is the net area for the plate 100 x 8 mm bolted with a single bolt of 20mm diameter in case of drilled hole ? Net Area An = Ag – dht = 100 x 8 – 20 x 8 = 640mm2.

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When 4.6 grade bolt is used then value of ultimate stress of bolt is taken as?

In 4.6, The first number 4 indicates 1/100 of nominal tensile strength . Hence the tensile strength = 400 Mpa. The second number indicates 10 times the ratio between lower stress(proof stress) and nominal tensile strength(yield stress ratio) means, 10 times the yield stress = 10 x 240/400 = 2400/400 = 6.

How is bolt torque calculated?

Calculate required bolt torque

  1. normal dry: K = 0.2.
  2. nonplated black finish: K = 0.3.
  3. zinc-plated: K = 0.2.
  4. slightly lubricated: K = 0.18.
  5. cadmium-plated: K = 0.16.

Is a bolt stronger in shear or tension?

Bolted joints and also bolts are mainly designed to transfer loads from one part to another or for fixing them. they also designed for tolerating shear loads. therefore, it is obvious to be stronger in tension as its ductile behavior.

What is tensile strength formula?

Tensile strength

It is defined as the amount of tensile stress a material can withstand before breaking and denoted by s. The formula is: σ = F/A. Where, σ is the tensile stress. F is the force acting.

What is the best bolt for shear strength?

Grade 8 bolts exhibit greater tensile, yield, and shear strength as well as greater fatigue resistance and, just as important, are capable of greater torque specs and therefore much greater pre-load and clamping strength.

How do you calculate shear stress in threads?

The shear strength is defined by Fs=τ Ath where τ = shear strength of the material and Ath the thread shear area. When the external and internal thread are of the same material, the internal thread (in the tapped hole) is stronger in shear than the external thread.

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