Best answer: What is average bolt size?

What is the most common bolt size?

The most common were the 12mm and 10mm, followed by the 15, 17 and 19mm.

How do I know what size my bolt is?

How to Measure the Size of a Bolt

  1. Step 1: Measure the shank’s diameter. The shaft of the bolt is called the shank, and its diameter is the first dimension used to describe a bolt size. …
  2. Step 2: Determine the thread pitch. …
  3. Step 3: Measure the length of the shank. …
  4. Step 6: Measure the length of the threaded portion of the bolt.

What size are nuts and bolts?

Spanner and Allen Key Sizes

Size Spanner Allen Key
M16 24 mm 14 mm
M20 30 mm 17 mm
M24 36 mm 19 mm
M30 46 mm

What are bolt sizes specified by?

The size of a metric bolt is specified using pitch, diameter, and length in millimeters. For example, in M8-1.0*20, the “M” means the Metric thread designation, the digit 8 refers to the Nominal diameter (in millimeters), 1.0 refers to the pitch, and 20 refers to the length.

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What size is M8?

Standard metric spanner and allen key sizes.

Size Spanner Allen Key
M8 13 mm 6 mm
M10 17 mm 8 mm
M12 19 mm 10 mm
M16 24 mm 14 mm

What does M12 mean on a bolt?

M12x1. 75 is the measurement code that indicates the thread size and thread pitch of a screw. The first half (M12), is the size measurement (metric) taken across the outside diameter of the thread (which in this case is 12mm).

What is a M14 bolt?

The threads of an M14-2.0 screw, which is coarse, are spaced 0.079 inches (2.0 mm). A 9/16-12 screw, which is comparable in diameter and is also coarse, has its threads spaced 0.083 inches, which are farther apart, so there will be fewer threads per unit of measure (we used an inch in the table above).

How can you tell if a bolt is metric or standard?

Telling the difference between a metric and imperial bolt is easy. If the bolt has lines on the head its standard or imperial. If the bolt has numbers on the head then its metric.

What does M10 bolt mean?

M10-1.0 x 20

M = This designates the fastener is a metric size. 10 = The nominal diameter in millimeters. 1.0 = The thread pitch, or distance between threads, in millimeters. 20 = The fastener’s length, in millimeters.

What size is a M4 bolt?

ISO Metric Machine Screw Thread Dimensions

Thread Size Nominal Diameter (mm) Effective Diameter (mm)
M4 4.0 3.545
M4.5 4.5 4.013
M5 5.0 4.480
M6 6.0 5.350

What is m20 bolt?

Metric Hex Bolt Dimensions

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m14 14.00 22.00
m16 16.00 24.00
m20 20.00 30.00
m24 24.00 36.00

How wide is an M8 bolt?

Dimensions for DIN931 Hex Head Bolt

Diameter (d) Pitch Across Flats (s)
M7 1.0mm 11mm
M8 1.25mm 13mm
M10 1.5mm 17mm
M12 1.75mm 19mm

What are the different bolt sizes?

US Bolt Head/Wrench Size

Bolt Diameter Head and Wrench Size
Hex Bolt – Lag Bolt – Square Bolt Heavy Hex Bolt
7/8″ 1-5/16″ 1-7/16″
1″ 1-1/2″ 1-5/8″
1-1/8″ 1-11/16″ 1-3/4″

What size is a m10 bolt?

Metric Hex Bolt Dimensions

m10 10.00 15.73
m12 12.00 17.73
m14 14.00 20.67
m16 16.00 23.67