AASHTO Anchor Rod

AASHTO Anchor Rod

Made according to AASHTO specifications, these externally threaded steel anchor rods are intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations.

For pull out resistance, L-Bend or Straight styles are available. Straight are typically headed or have a nut assembled on the end to be cast in concrete.


Materials & Identification

Anchor Rod MaterialID Color
AASHTO M314 Gr 36blueBlue
AASHTO M314 Gr 55yellowYellow
AASHTO M314 Gr 105redRed

Protective Coatings

  • Plain
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc (ASTM F2329)
  • Mechanical Galvanized Zinc (ASTM B69 Cl. 55)

Available Nuts & Washers

  • Nuts
    • AASHTO M291 Gr A Hex
    • AASHTO M291 Gr A Heavy Hex
    • AASHTO M291 Gr D Hex
    • AASHTO M291 Gr DH Heavy Hex
  • Flat Washer
    • AASHTO M293 (ASTM F436)


Structural Support Applications

  • Building columns
  • Supports for highway signs
  • Street lighting and traffic signals
  • Steel bearing plates
  • Other similar applications